Real-Time Ray-Traced Maya Viewport

A project that adds real-time ray-tracing to the Maya viewport.

This project is still in very early development phases, but the goal of this project is to improve the workflow of artists by adding a real-time ray-traced scene renderer to the Maya viewport.

A renderer like this will eliminate the need to check a “slow” path tracer every time an artist would like to see the fully-lit scene. Our plug-in will allow live object editing in the Maya viewport at real-time framerates.

We aim to release this plug-in soon, so keep an eye out for more information, screenshots, and videos! But for the time being, here are a couple of work-in-progress shots of the Maya plug-in:

Model: Futuristic Safe by boysichterman (Sketchfab).
Parsing the Arnold surface shader with the plastic preset

We have a blog with the latest developments surrounding this project:

If you just want to see pretty pictures, check out our Twitter page:

Source code:

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